Guiding Principles

Unfold Your Inner Power!

A Seelkraft® Coaching can be effective since it is oriented towards several guiding principles in life. When we are in harmony with these guiding principles oftentimes living feels easier, and we feel we are floating along.

Everything is possible

The quantum physics have shown us that in the end everything consists of pure energy, even seemingly solid matter. Another surprising insight is that during quantum physics experiments the kind of measurement and the expectation of the observer have an important influence.

Apparently there are special interrelationships on the energetic level which can not easily be explained by reasoning. Why shouldn’t it be possible to influence these pure energies with a suitable expectation?

The method ThetaHealing®, which I may use during a Seelkraft® Coaching, presumes that such influence possiblities on the energetic level exist and can be used.

Free will

Many philosophers have dealt with the topic whether or to which degree humans have a free will. Some philosophers argue that we are caught in the influences of our past and our environment, and the concept of free will is just an illusion.

Seelkraft® Coaching is based on the assumption that the contrary holds true, and that we are always able to decide what we want to change today. Even when we are not changing anything, this is also our decision.

The free will implies that I’m always responsible for my decisions, and that I have to accept the resulting consequences.

When we accept our own free will, then this entails that we also have to accept the free will of other humans (with small exceptions, like small children).

During a Seelkraft® Coaching your free will is always observed. It is your decision whether/what you want to change, and which new ways you want to take. The method of ThetaHealing® also places high value on observing the free will.

Law of attraction

The law of attraction presumes that our inner vibes have a great influence on how our environment reacts back to us. Our own attitudes and expectations influence our environment and how it is treating us.

In case we expect internally that others want to take advantage of us, then this expection will frequently be confirmed (the same is true for the contrary). Others will sense our distrust, react with distrust, and will enforce their own interests more strongly.

During a Seelkraft® Coaching I assume that the law of attraction has an important influence on your life. I strive for you to become aware of your own attitudes and expectations, and to adjust them where needed.

Internal programs

During the first years in our life we perceive how our parents and our environment is treating us, and within our brain we create internal programs and models on what the world is and how it functions.

Often these internal programs later have a great influence on us. Internal programs can impact our perception (e.g. when we are distrustful we expect and observe alwawys humans trying to take advantage of us). According to the law of attraction our internal programs can became self-fulfilling prophecies.

It’s also possible that we are annoyed by humans who are not living in accordance to our internal programs. If we become irritated by so-called trivia, then internal programs can be related to this.

During a Seelkraft® Coaching I pay attention to which internal programs may have influence on your life, and to open your mind for possible adjustments. I use the method of ThetaHealing® to influence your internal programs positively on an energetic level.

Living in the now

Often we are not living in the current moment, because we are remembering things from the past, or we worry unnecessarily about things in the future.

It is sensible to learn from the past and to plan for the future. However, since we can neither change the past nor the future directly, it is important to use the current moment to shape our life. Sounds easy, but can be difficult at times.

During a Seelkraft® Coaching we are working on the topics which are prevailing for you. We identify the next steps so that you can take your first steps forward on new ways.

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