Seelkraft® Coaching

Value of a Seelkraft® Coaching

During the coaching I’m exclusively available for you with my full attention, my energy, and my knowhow in the area business and energetical mental methods.

The value this has for you can only be judged by you, on the basis of your insights and progress.

How to maximize your value

It is helpful for you to think about and feel your topic beforehand. This will make it easier for you to engage with your topic during our appointment, and we can work more deeply on it.

After the appointment the best way to make use of your insights is to directly implement those things in your live that you want to change.

Extensive and deeply rooted topics often require several appointments. In this case it can be helpful to leave some time between the appointments to let the energies fully unfold.

Time based pricing

Every appointment for a Seelkraft® Coaching is self-contained, and should progress you quite a bit with your topic.

I will price the time that I’m exclusively available to you, from the greeting until your leaving.

The duration of a Seelkraft® Coaching can vary, and is dependent on the size of your topic, as well as how easily you have access to it. Typically, an appointment takes about 90 to 120 minutes.

If you have a fixed time limit, then please let me know beforehand. I will ensure that we focus on your most important topics during the time available.

Pricing for appointments

Currently I charge depending on the duration of the appointment:

All prices are final as I’m not subject to VAT / sales taxation. As a small business owner according to § 19 UStG (German Value Added Tax Act) I do not charge any value added tax.


Payment is due at the end of the appointment. Payment with debit or credit card is not possible. It is possible to have individual payment arrangements for followup appointments.

Additional information

Contact me if you have additional questions, or to make an appointment for a Seelkraft® Coaching.

Free phone call for additional information!
Contact me:
via e-mail: sk at seelkraft de
via phone: +49-6251-860-860-4